Acne Treatments & Personal Consultation


Products alone will not solve your problem . . .
                        You also need an acne expert’s guidance.

Personal Consultation
Come in for a consultation.  We will analyze your skin to determine your skin type, you skin condition and your type of acne.  We can then design an acne treatment plan to get you started on your way to healthy and clear skin.

Why Do You Need Acne Treatments
As you go through the process of achieving clear skin, your progress will need to be closely monitored.  During your session, a professional-strength exfoliant will be applied to facilitate your process of clearing.  The reason for treatments is four-fold:

  • 1.  To allow close monitoring of your progress and make change to your home skin care as needed.
  • 2.  To exfoliate the skin so that home-care products can penetrate the pore more easily
  • 3.  To extract existing acne impactions and kill acne bacteria inside the pore.
  • 4.  To hydrate your skin as the products can be initially drying until your skin adapts.

Acne Treatment
Acne Treatments will include cleansing application of professional strength exfoliants and monitoring of your skin care progress.  Six treatments over a three-month period are recommended.

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